The Wall Street Journal: The Ukrainian crisis has shown how much Europe depends on the United States

It is reported by The Wall Street Journal. He pointed out that the conflict in Ukraine showed how European countries depend on decisions made by the US administration.

The article, which the newspaper published on its website on Wednesday, notes that the current events in Ukraine have united European countries in opposition to Russia, but the crisis has more than ever exposed the extent of European countries’ dependence on the United States. before.

The authors of the article believe that “despite the extensive support that Kyiv receives from Portugal from Poland, European allies continue to follow Washington and adhere to the path set by the administration of US President Joe Biden, who, in turn, has recently sent conflicting signals. about the need to push Kyiv to negotiations.

The authors of the article believe that “despite the recent promises of EU leaders to allocate billions of euros to support Kyiv, they are still forced to follow the signals that Washington will give on strategic issues in the coming months.”

The limited stocks of European allies’ weapons and the extended timeframe for transferring EU funds to Ukraine force Kyiv to remain almost entirely dependent on US support.

Source: TASS

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