The US Army is preparing for"Additional powers" Ahead of Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan

The Associated Press quoted unnamed U.S. officials that the U.S. military would deploy additional forces to the Indo-Pacific if Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi travels to Taiwan.

In this regard, she said, “officials told the Associated Press that if Pelosi goes to Taiwan, which has not yet been confirmed, the military will step up its deployment of forces in the Indo-Pacific region.”

The Chinese Foreign and Defense Ministries sternly warned the United States of the consequences of such a visit, and China’s Defense Department on Tuesday stressed that it would not stand by if US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan and would take strong action to curb foreign interference in internal affairs of China.

“The Chinese military will not sit idly by if U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visits Taiwan and will take decisive action to stop outside interference,” Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Tang Kefe said.

The spokesman said that China is demanding that the US actually honor its promise not to support “Taiwan independence” and not to organize Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan. But if the American side continues to act in its own way, the Chinese military will not sit idly by and take all measures to stop outside interference and separatist attempts to separate Taiwan, and firmly uphold the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

A Chinese military spokesman pointed out that Pelosi is the third most important figure in the US government, and her visit to Taiwan seriously violates the “one China” principle and the three clauses of joint communiqués between China and the United States. “This will cause great damage to military relations between China and the United States and aggravate the situation in the Taiwan Strait,” he said.

In addition, the Financial Times previously indicated that China, in particular, issued stronger-than-previous warnings against the administration of US President Joe Biden in connection with the forthcoming visit of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan, and that these statements, in the opinion experts have now gone beyond threatening to take action, “strong measures”, even hinting at a possible military response.

As for US President Joe Biden, he said earlier that Pelosi’s planned trip to Taiwan doesn’t seem like a good idea at the moment.

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