The Republican Party Disapproves of Biden’s Rebuke of Netanyahu.

US Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley and Senator Marco Rubio have criticized President Joe Biden for his “rebuke” to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the “judicial reform” law.

“It’s outrageous that Joe Biden is lecturing Israel on their own domestic issue,” Haley tweeted, adding, “We never want the Israeli government to pressure America on issues involving our Supreme Court and they won’t.” . We must let the Israelis decide this for themselves.

In turn, Republican Senator Rubio, who has previously expressed concern about the security situation emerging amid the Israeli government’s plan to contain the Supreme Court, said that “Biden’s comments pose a threat to Israel.”

“If Israel is attacked by Hezbollah, Hamas or Iran during these really dangerous days, it will be because Joe Biden decided to interfere in Israeli politics,” Rubio wrote on Twitter.

As for Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, he stressed that “Israel and the United States have an inseparable relationship.”

Biden confirmed that he has no intention of inviting Netanyahu to visit the White House in the near future.

While the United States of America, through the words of several of its officials, expressed its concern about the situation in Israel due to the “judicial reform” legislation, which led to popular protests throughout Israel, accompanied by clashes and violence, and also because of which a large number of reservists refused to go into service.

Source: RT

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