Soon, Lebanon to receive free shipments of Russian wheat and fuel.

Lebanese Ambassador to Russia Shauki Bou Nassar said that Lebanon expects to receive large quantities of wheat and fuel from Russia in the near future, noting that Moscow is working to resolve issues related to logistics services.

Nassar said: “Delivery (grain and oil products) will be in the near future, but it is not clear in what month. The Russian Emergencies Ministry is working on solving logistical issues for their transfer to the port of Beirut.”

The Lebanese ambassador added: “(Russian President Vladimir) Putin signed an order to send 25,000 tons of grain and 10,000 tons of fuel to Lebanon. The political issue has already been resolved. We are waiting (for shipment) from the Russian side.”

Last November, Lebanese Transport Minister Ali Hamia said in a press statement that Lebanon would receive 25,000 tons of wheat and 10,000 tons of fuel from the Russian Federation free of charge.

Lebanon has been going through a severe financial and economic crisis for more than three years, which led to the paralysis of the banking system and the depreciation of the national currency by more than 20 times against the dollar.

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