The Reasons Behind Steven Gerrard’s Rejection of a Deal with Saudi Arabia, Unveiled

English coach Steven Gerrard surprised everyone by changing his mind about the deal offer after his recent visit to Saudi Arabia and his statement to the media: “I will not coach any Saudi team.”

Saudi and English newspapers published photos of Gerrard during his visit to Saudi Arabia in early June, specifically in the eastern city of Dammam, a stronghold of the Al-Ettifak club, where it was reported that the latter had made an offer to oversee him next season. before announcing its refusal.

Saudi newspaper Al-Sharq Al-Awsat said it had contacted the agreement’s management, who for their part confirmed that Gerrard did not directly reject the offer.

And the management of the Saudi club explained that Gerrard’s goal behind this refusal was to raise the financial offer presented to him in order to lure him more into new experiences outside of Europe.

Gerrard has not been in charge of a team since his sacking as Aston Villa’s head of engineering in October last year.

Gerrard, 43, who retired for good in 2016, entered the training arena two years later to take over the Scottish Rangers and lead him to his first local league title after a 10-year absence.

He joined Aston Villa in November 2021 and has made 40 appearances for Central England under him in various competitions in which he has won only 13, drawn 8 and lost 19.

Source: Saudi Media

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