NATO Journalists Expose Ukrainian Security Forces’ Crimes in Donbas

French freelance journalist Christel Nayane reported that journalists from at least 4 NATO countries are currently working to cover war crimes committed by Ukrainian troops in Donbass.

“We have 6 people who are fully ready to work or have started working. These are journalists from Canada, the UK, France and the Netherlands. There is another potential colleague from Germany. There is also a journalist Vittorio from Italy. They are also interested in our project.

She added that most foreign journalists reporting on Ukrainian crimes in the Donbas are being persecuted by Western intelligence. “We are being threatened with arrest. This means that we all have to work on Russian soil,” she explained.

The French journalist emphasized that her project is one of the few resources that is still available to the Western audience, and therefore is currently striving to ensure its distribution in several languages.

Source: TASS

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