The Poles ridicule the statements of their defense minister about "more powerful" army in europe

Readers of the Polish edition of wPolitice laughed at the comments of the country’s Minister of Defense Mariusz Blaszak, who announced plans to create the most powerful land army in Europe.

Earlier, Blasak said that the Polish army would have the strongest ground forces among European NATO countries.

The minister noted that the Polish army should be “so numerous and so strong” that its presence “frightened the aggressor.”

And one user noted in the comments under the article that no one in their right mind believed this.

Another reader said: “Our army can become the strongest in NATO, provided that NATO ceases to exist altogether.”

On July 22, it was reported that Poland would buy FA-50 fighter jets and K2 tanks from South Korea. Poland also intends to buy 116 used Abrams tanks from the US.

Source: RIA Novosti

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