The Number of Concurrent Users Playing Apex Legends on Steam has Reached a New High

The stats would indicate otherwise if individuals believed that interest in Apex Legends was dwindling. With the start of Season 16 on Tuesday, Apex Legends surpassed its previous high of over 610,000 concurrent players on Steam.

Apex Legends_

The figures exclude console users and users of EA’s first-party launcher.

What Is In The New Season Of Apex Legends?

Many people are curious about Season 17 after the popularity of Season 16’s premiere. The first thing to observe is the absence of a brand-new playable hero. There is, however, a tonne of other information to look at.

A brand-new Nemesis energy assault rifle is featured in Season 16, also called “Revelry.” The class system in the game has also undergone alterations this season. Each class now has a new gameplay bonus to assist players in having new “strategic alternatives” in the game for each class.

According to EA, these new gameplay perks “will entertain new extras to engage with and boost decision-making at casual levels of play.” “A squad make-up now dictates what gaming components the team will have access to and what they’re leaving behind at higher levels of play.”

A new 6v6 Team Deathmatch mode that replaces Arena is another game update for the current season. Teams compete in this mode to determine which can kill 30 enemies first to win a round. The first team wins the match to win two rounds. The game mode includes the ability to switch load-outs between rounds and airdrops for stronger weaponry during each round.

Have you yet watched season 16? If so, what do you think of Apex Legends’ new player features?

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