The Kremlin commented on Zelensky’s statements about the restoration of the Crimea

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that Zelensky’s statements about his intention to return Crimea confirm Kyiv’s unwillingness and unwillingness to solve problems in a non-military way.

Of this, during his press statement today, Friday, Peskov continued that it was about “the exclusion of one of the Russian regions, and this is not negotiable at all,” noting that the Ukrainian constitution provides for the need to “restore Crimea by force to Ukraine,” and said: “Ukraine has not yet de facto rejected this case, and for us this is nothing more than a discussion of the exclusion of one of the regions from Russia, and there may be no understanding on this issue, and there is not the slightest doubt about it.

According to Peskov, the media completely distorted the essence of the statement of the Ukrainian president and presented it as “the readiness of President Zelensky to resolve this issue by non-military means, but by peaceful negotiations, which is a completely wrong interpretation.”

In addition, Peskov believes that such statements by the Ukrainian president indicate Kyiv’s unwillingness to use non-military methods to solve the problem.

Zelenskiy said in an interview with the Financial Times: “I understand that everyone is confused about the situation and what will happen with Crimea. If someone can offer us a way to end the occupation of Crimea without military means, I will be ready for it. If the resolution does not include ending the occupation, then no one should waste their time on this matter, it is a waste of time.”

And Crimea became a Russian region in March 2014, after a referendum was held there after the coup in Ukraine in the same year, when 96.77% of voters voted in the referendum for joining Russia, and Ukraine still considers Crimea its own. occupied “lands. Temporarily”, and a number of Western countries support Kyiv in this regard.

For its part, the Russian leadership has repeatedly stated that the people of Crimea voted for democratic reunification with Russia in full compliance with international law and the UN Charter. According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Crimean issue is “closed forever.”

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