Putin met with mothers of soldiers participating in the special operation

Russian President Vladimir Putin met with mothers of participants in the military operation in Ukraine.

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The President began his speech by saying that Russia is celebrating "Mother's Day" in the coming days, and noted that the life of a mother whose children are in the war zone is always associated with a sense of anxiety and responsibility.

Putin stressed that all participants in the special operation are real heroes, and no one else knows what heroic deed they are doing and how dangerous it is. He continued: "We share the pain of loss with those who have lost their children, and we will do our best to make them feel supported and that we stand next to them shoulder to shoulder."

The President of Russia pointed out that there is “a lot of deceit and lies on the Internet, and nothing can be trusted, since information is one of the weapons of the conflict, and a highly effective means,” noting that he personally talks with the participants of the Special Operation by phone.

Source: RT

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