The Israeli Knesset overwhelmingly voted for self-dissolution in the first reading.

Today, on Wednesday, the Israeli Knesset voted for self-dissolution in the first reading by an overwhelming majority (110 votes), and the final readings will take place next week.

In fact, Knesset members have approved 11 different proposals, nine from the opposition and two from the coalition, brought together in a parliamentary process known as “hazmada” (literally “app”), which includes very similar various proposals for laws that can be packaged together.

The bills will now go to the Knesset (House) committee, which will decide whether to continue the process in that committee or in the Judiciary Committee, which is important because the Knesset Committee is chaired by coalition MP Nir Auerbach, while the Judiciary Committee is chaired by MK Gilad Karev of the Labor party, since the committee that receives the law can control the pace of its passage, the Jerusalem Post reports.

Source: Jerusalem Post.

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