Black Adam Release Date, Cast, Plot and Everything We Know So Far

After years of waiting, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s long-awaited first movie in the DC Extended Universe is now on track to come out in theatres. Black Adam is a spinoff of the 2019 movie Shazam! And a sequel to it. It stars a famous wrestler and actor as the title anti-hero. After years of work, the movie is finally ready to be shown in theatres. Black Adam was the first person to fight for the wizard Shazam. He is as strong as Superman. But Adam’s sense of right and wrong is less rigid than the hero played by Zachary Levi. Black Adam will tell the story of a character’s return to the real world after spending a long time in a magical prison. We don’t know what kind of anger he has planned for the world.

Jungle Cruise, which stars Dwayne Johnson, was directed by Jaume Collet-Serra. He also led Black Adam. Adam Rory Haines, Sztykiel, and Sohrab Noshirvani wrote the script for the movie. Adam, a member of the Justice Society of America, will be in the film, which is good news for DC fans. We put together everything you need to know about Black Adam, from the movie’s plot and cast to when it will be filmed and when it will come out.

Who Directed Black Adam?

Jaume Collet-Serra was born in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, on March 23, 1974. He moved to Los Angeles at the age of 18 to attend Columbia College Hollywood while also working as an editor. He began shooting music videos after graduation and was noticed by several production companies. After that, He went on to direct commercials for companies like Playstation, Budweiser, Mastercard, and Verizon. He’s directed and produced films like The Shallows (2016), Orphan (2009), and Unknown since then (2011).

Black Adam Cast

  • Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam
  • Sarah Shahi as Adrianna Tomaz
  • Pierce Brosnan as Dr. Fate
  • Noah Centineo as Atom Smasher
  • Aldis Hodge as Carter Hall
  • Joseph Gatt as Squad Leader
  • Natalie Burn as Revolutionary Mercenary
  • Quintessa Swindell as Maxine Hunkell
  • Derek Russo as Russian Mercenary
  • Chaim Jeraffi as Djau
  • Angel Rosario Jr. as Mercenary
  • Rahiem Riley as Foreign Resident

When Is Black Adam’s Release Date?

On October 21, Black Adam will be released in theatres. It had been planned for July 29, but Warner Bros. rescheduled it as part of a larger DC superhero movie shuffle.

Black Adam Trailer

What Is The Back story Of Black Adam?

Kahndaq was a cruel nation that employed magic and sorcery to enslave parts of its population during Adam’s time. Adam, however, used his position as the Champion to free his people and rule Kahndaq as its king.





Adam was originally a hero, but after the murder of his family, he turned to evil and unknowingly released the Seven Deadly Sins demons. He was imprisoned for his crimes, and after 5,000 years, Black Adam will return from jail, ready to restore Kahndaq to its former glory.

The relationship between the film and Shazam! is yet unknown. However, the Wizard’s death might be the key to Adam’s release. Black Adam is likely to reestablish his kingdom, albeit the plot of the film has not yet been disclosed. This may infuriate the JSA, leading to Adam’s battle with the superheroes. Given the normal progression of these tales, a greater threat will almost definitely develop, compelling the heroes to work together to rescue the planet.

Is There A Black Adam 2?

Though no sequels have been confirmed, DC has big plans for Black Adam in the DCEU. In 2017, Johnson revealed that Adam would be pitted against Shazam in a future film.

“So we came up with the idea of making a scenario where Black Adam has his own movie and Captain Marvel, Shazam, has his own movie,” he explained. “That’s how we’re building our world, and then we’ll be able to come together at some point.”

In the future of the DCEU, Superman actor Henry Cavill teased a possible crossover between Black Adam and the Man of Steel. “There is definitely some kind of work toward that,” he said specifically.

Even if nothing has been officially announced, the character will undoubtedly have a future in the DCEU in some form. In recent years, Black Adam has made a comeback in the comics, even becoming a key member of the Justice League. So it appears that DC intends to make the character a major player in the coming years. Of course, whether or not Black Adam gets a sequel is entirely dependent on the success of the film once it is released.

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