The Impact of Instagram Threads Web App on Usage: Data Reveals Limited Results

Instagram Threads Web App Has Limited Impact on Usage, Data Shows

Since the release of Instagram Threads’ web app last week on August 22nd, data suggests that it has not made a significant impact on the app’s usage. While website traffic in the United States increased by 20% compared to the previous week, it is uncertain whether this was due to new users or existing users switching from the mobile app to the web version.

Limited Impact on Usage

In contrast, worldwide traffic from the web app launch only saw a 3% increase.

The data comes from digital intelligence firm Similarweb, which has been monitoring the adoption and subsequent decline in usage of Threads following its highly successful launch as the fastest app ever to reach 100 million users in just five days.

However, since then, Threads has experienced a decline in user activity. Mobile intelligence firm Sensor Tower reported an 82% drop in daily active users since the launch, with only 8 million users accessing the app daily. The introduction of the web app was an opportunity for Threads to reverse this trend, as users had expressed a desire for a desktop-friendly option.

Existing Audience Transition

Nevertheless, it appears that the web app mainly catered to Threads’ existing audience. According to Similarweb, the week-over-week gain in website visitors in the U.S. (+133,400) exceeded the loss in active app users (-82,400). This could suggest that some current Threads users have transitioned from the app to the web version.

Additionally, Similarweb’s Android data reveals that Threads witnessed a 15% decrease in daily active users worldwide and a 2.4% decrease in the U.S. during the same comparison period. This indicates that the web launch primarily resulted in users switching from the app to the web, without attracting new users or convincing inactive users to return.

Challenges and Dominance of X

Today, Threads announced its testing of search capabilities in Australia and New Zealand – another highly requested feature that would enhance the app’s usefulness compared to X (formerly Twitter).

However, even with search functionality, it remains uncertain whether Threads can entice former users back or attract new ones.

The challenges faced by Threads highlight the dominance still held by X in the text-based social networking landscape. Despite X’s past shortcomings under Elon Musk, the app continues to be a platform where breaking news is shared and trends are easily identified, which is harder to find on competitors like Threads that lack essential features such as search, hashtags, and trends. These components give X the feel of a global conversation hub and a real-time news network, making them not as easily replicated elsewhere.

Attracting Influential Individuals

For Threads to succeed, it needs to not only fulfill user demands for an alternative to X but also attract influential individuals who drive news and discussions. Many active X users have either stayed on the platform or migrated to networks like Bluesky and Mastodon, or perhaps smaller rivals such as T2, Spill, Post, and others. It appears challenging for longtime users to completely abandon X due to their existing social connections. Therefore, Threads must do more than merely offer sought-after features; it must find a way to persuade people to switch and maintain their newfound commitment.

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