Never Back Down Super PAC Ceases Door-Knocking Operations in Nevada and California: What This Means for Ron DeSantis’ Presidential Campaign

Super PAC Supporting Ron DeSantis Ends Door-Knocking Operations in Nevada and California

A super PAC called Never Back Down, which supports Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ presidential campaign, has confirmed that it has ceased its door-knocking operations in Nevada and California. The group had also recently ended its field operations in North Carolina and Texas. Never Back Down had initially planned a comprehensive canvassing effort across early nominating states to boost DeSantis in the primary, with a budget of $100 million.

Decision Coincides with DeSantis’ Struggles and Campaign Changes

The decision to halt door-knocking in Nevada and some Super Tuesday states aligns with DeSantis’ challenging summer campaign, where he has struggled to gain traction against former President Donald Trump, the GOP front-runner. DeSantis’ campaign has undergone resets and staff shake-ups in recent weeks to generate momentum.

Reinvestment in Early Nominating States

Never Back Down previously employed over 250 field staffers in the four states, but some had already left prior to the shutdown. The super PAC offered those affected by the cuts opportunities on door-knocking teams in early nominating states like Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. The organization plans to focus its resources on these states and increase spending on advertising.

Concerns Over Pro-Trump Efforts in Nevada and California

According to super PAC officials, the decision to withdraw from Nevada and California was influenced by perceived pro-Trump efforts to favor him in the primary. In Nevada, the Democratic-dominated Legislature replaced caucuses with a traditional state-run primary, a move opposed by the Nevada Republican Party. The GOP is appealing the decision in court. In California, delegate-allocation rules were changed to potentially make the state less competitive in March.

Future Plans and Criticisms

Never Back Down intends to redirect its door-knockers’ efforts to the early nominating states due to perceived unfair processes in Nevada and California. However, critics, including a senior adviser to Trump’s campaign, mocked the super PAC and emphasized Trump’s popularity among Republicans nationwide. The super PAC will consider rebuilding door-knocking teams closer to the March primary dates.

Challenges of Conservative Canvassing Efforts

Conservative canvassing efforts have faced issues such as fraudulent and unreliable data entries, raising doubts about their effectiveness. Despite this, Republicans involved in canvassing believe in its usefulness, and high-dollar donors continue to support these efforts.

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