The Impact of Gabon’s Army Takeover on French Military Instructors: An Inside Look

Gabonese Army Seizes Power, French Military Instructors Unaffected

The Associated Press reported that there are about 400 French military instructors in Gabon and that the army’s takeover of the country has not affected how they work there.

US Military Instructors Leading Regional Training Process in Gabon

The agency said: “400 US military instructors are in Gabon, where they are leading the regional military training process.”

French Military Affirms Unaffected System of Work

He quoted the words of the French military, who said that the seizure of power in the country by the army has not yet affected their system of work.

Gabonese Army Announces Cancellation of Election Results

And the Gabonese army announced on Wednesday morning the cancellation of the results of the last elections and the dissolution of government institutions. The head of the Republican Guard, General Bris Olegoy Njema, told the French newspaper Monde that Gabon’s President Ali Bongo Ondimba had been sacked but would retain all his civil rights. The ousted president is under house arrest, according to the army. Later, a local journalist posted on X (formerly Twitter) a video message to the ousted president in which Bongo said that he was currently at his residence and did not understand what was happening, indicating that he did not know the whereabouts of his wife and son.


Source: News+TASS

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