The head of the Austrian Economic Chamber confirms his opposition to the sanctions against Russia

The head of the Austrian Economic Chamber, Harald Mehrer, reaffirmed his stance on sanctions against Russia, adding that they were formulated using “only one hemisphere of the brain.”

Marer has previously been criticized by the Austrian Greens, Social Democrats and right-wing liberals for his stance against sanctions against Russia. Marer questioned the wisdom of these sanctions, saying the decision to back Ukraine was “political.” This was supported by the Austrian Freedom Party.

Despite a wave of criticism against him, including from the Minister of Health of his country, Johannes Rauch (“The Greens”), Marer confirmed his position on the sanctions imposed against Russia, while stressing that he did not object to the principle of sanctions in general.

“These are all assumptions. If a minister is acting with false convictions instead of fighting the huge economic consequences of the sanctions, he is trying to avoid responsibility on the cheap,” Marer said in an interview with the Kurier newspaper.

Source: RIA Novosti

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