Canada produces pipeline equipment "Nord Stream 1" Section between Russia and Germany

Canada confirmed that it intends to allow the supply of equipment (turbines) to Germany, in particular, for the operation of the Nord Stream 1 main gas pipeline linking Russia and Europe, which is currently under repair.

In a statement posted on Twitter, Canadian Minister of Natural Resources Jonathan Wilkinson said: “Canada will grant a time-limited revocable authorization to Siemens Canada to re-enter the country for refurbished Nord Stream 1 turbines. Germany.”

Wilkinson noted that this would support “Europe’s ability to access reliable and affordable sources of energy as it continues to turn away from Russian oil and gas”, noting that “in the absence of the necessary supply of Russian natural gas, the German economy will suffer great hardship”.

The Canadian move comes before the Nord Stream 1 branch closes for annual maintenance tomorrow, Monday, as the return of turbines to that line, which was sent to Montreal for a scheduled overhaul, was complicated by sanctions imposed on Russia.

It should be noted that Germany, Europe’s largest economy, receives about 35% of its gas for electricity generation and electricity from Russia.

On June 14, the Russian Gazprom announced that it was forced to reduce gas supplies via Nord Stream 1 due to the non-return of Siemens-Canada gas compressor units (turbines), after repair and identification of technical malfunctions of the gas pipeline. engines. Siemens Canada claims that refurbished Nord Stream gas turbines cannot be returned to Germany from Montreal due to Canadian sanctions against Russia.

For this reason, 40% of the gas from the maximum capacity of the gas pipeline is now pumped through the Nord Stream, which threatens Germany’s plans to fill gas storage facilities.

Source: “AB” + “TASS”

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