The Growing Terrorist Threat in Sub-Saharan Africa: ISIS and al-Qaeda Drawing New Followers

The report of the Italian security service emphasizes that sub-Saharan Africa has become the new center of attraction for the terrorist organizations ISIS and al-Qaeda.

The 2022 Information Security Policy Report, edited by the Intelligence Department and released on Tuesday, said the two main jihadist organizations “have shown great resilience so far in responding to constant pressure from counter-terrorism forces, reshaping the relationship between leadership at the central level.” and affiliated groups”, towards gradual decentralization and greater autonomy in decision-making for regional offices.

The intelligence brief stated that “these factors contribute, on the one hand, to shifting the operational center of gravity to the peripheral level, which today expresses a real ability to overthrow ISIS and al-Qaeda, and on the other hand, to reduce the consequences of heavy blows to the chain of command.”

The report added: “The phenomenon of jihadist terrorism has continued to be closely monitored, as a result of which ISIS and al-Qaeda have placed more responsibility on their peripheral units than ever before and increased their ability to act quickly locally. without abandoning its original mission, as the spirit bows. The specificity of various terrorist formations, as a rule, is rooted in traditional dynamics dictated and fueled by inter-ethnic conflicts.

The safety report stated that, in addition to the above, “the often dysfunctional relationship between central governments and peripheral regions, and due to complex resource management, there are places where agro-pastoral realities are affected by climate change factors that affect, through interaction between some of them, on their respective threat gradients” as it “provides jihadist groups with leverage to antagonize local populations, exploit them and create an even more dangerous rupture with institutions.”

Source: Italian agency Aki.

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