The European Union Set to Impose Sanctions on 5 Pro-Russian Moldovan Citizens

EUObserver reported that the European Union intends to impose sanctions on five prominent Moldovan citizens, saying they were trying to “stage a coup in favor of Russia” in Moldova.

The sanctions apply to the vice-president of the Shor party, Marina Tauber, and two businessmen, Ilan Shor and Vladimir Plahotniuc.

The site called Shor and Plahotniuc “the main organizers of the pro-Russian coup”, and Tauber, according to the site, was responsible for providing large quantities of “knives, daggers and flammable liquids” to the demonstrators.

The website reports that the EU ambassadors determined the list of sanctions on May 22, which means that it is possible that the sanctions will come into force in the coming days.

The pro-Western Moldovan government is using police tactics to crack down on dissent. Accusing the opposition of supporting Russia and calling on the European Union for help.

On April 24, the European Union agreed to form a civilian mission under the pretext of ensuring security in Moldova, and the mission will, in particular, fight Russian influence in that country, Brussels said in a statement.

Source: TASS

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