La Liga President Apologizes to Vinicius for Valencia’s Punishment and Reversal of Brazilian’s Exclusion!

Spanish Football League President Javier Tebas has apologized for “tweets” in which he attacked Brazilian striker Vinicius Junior in front of the match against Valencia.

Vinicius Junior was racially denounced against Real Madrid and his host Valencia last Sunday, in the Spanish League, where he was called an “monkey” by rival fans, at the Mestalla stadium, stronghold of the bats, while the Brazilian striker reacted to the treatment of the hosts with racist cries against the referee of the match.

Vinicius described Spain as a land of racism via social media platforms, pointing out that the League or the Spanish Football Federation did not take strict action against those responsible.

Tebas then replied via his Twitter account: “No one explains to you what La Liga does in cases of racism. We tried to do it with you, but you did not appear on either of the two agreed dates that you asked for.” myself.”

And he added: “Before you criticize and insult La Liga, you need to teach yourself, Vinicius, not to let the opportunity be manipulated and make sure you understand the responsibilities of each side and the work we are doing. together.”

Tebas said in statements released by the Spanish network Relevo: “If there really was a problem and the ‘tweets’ were not correctly interpreted, then I apologize … I have no problem, the main thing is not the tweets.”

He added: “We addressed these insults many years ago, and I will do the same now, in defense of Vinicius and the players who play in Spain, or anyone who encounters these chants.”

He continued, “This has always been my behavior and will remain so. I won’t change it. I apologize if the tweets were misinterpreted. I didn’t mean it.”

And he continued: “We love Vinicius and I personally love him.. If the tweets led to a bad interpretation, and it really happened because many people interpreted it differently, then I must apologize.”

And he explained: “When I was asked about the departure of Messi from La Liga, I said that Vinicius Junior would remain in Spain .. Everyone was surprised, but for me he will be a star and the owner of the Golden Ball, I also said that after that.”

And he concluded: “I’m not saying this now because I’m giving an interview, and not because of what happened in Valencia. He is one of the pillars of Real Madrid. I want him to stay there and in the Spanish league.”

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