The European Union reduces the frequency of pumping gas into underground storage

The Association of Gas Service Operators of Europe reported that the European Union in September reduced the tariff for pumping gas into underground reservoirs by 13.5% on a monthly basis.

Currently, the injection rate is growing by 0.32 p.p. per day compared to 0.37 p.p. in August, during which some countries continue to withdraw clean gas from underground reservoirs.

In total, there are currently 90 billion cubic meters of gas in European underground storage facilities. The total storage capacity was 83.27%, an increase of 0.28 percentage points per day. At the end of August, the EU’s goal was achieved – filling underground tanks to 80% of their total capacity.

It is noteworthy that on some days since the beginning of autumn, more gas was taken from the “underground” than was pumped into it. Among these countries we can mention Belgium, Denmark and Poland.

The heating season usually starts in mid-October, but last year it only started in November.

According to the European Commission, in summer underground reservoirs typically provide 25-30% of the gas consumed in Europe in winter.

Source: RIA Novosti

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