The dollar continues to rise and reaches its highest level against the Japanese yen in almost a quarter of a century.

The US currency continued to rise against major currencies today, Thursday, and the dollar against the Japanese currency exceeded 139 yen for the first time since September 1998.

By 12:42 Moscow time, the dollar rose to 138.76 Japanese yen, and before that, the US currency for the first time since the beginning of September 1998 recorded a value above 139 yen.

The dollar index, which measures the value of the US currency against a group of major currencies, rose 0.79% to 108.81, according to Bloomberg.

As for the single European currency, the euro exchange rate fell 0.54% to $10,005, marking the European currency briefly falling below the $1 level for the first time in 20 years.

Source: Prime

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