The development of the Russian military operation in Ukraine and its consequences / 09.09.2022 /

In Ukraine, the Russian special operation continues, as the Russian army continues to strike at the positions of Ukrainian forces and military infrastructure and liberate the territory of Donbass.

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  • Video: Drone attacked the administration building in Energodar
  • European analysts: Sanctions against Russia are suicide
  • The Minister of the Environment of Moldova resigned after he failed to launch an information portal on the trade in firewood for heating
  • US Secretary of Defense: US is working not only to protect Ukraine (video)
  • Nebenzya urges Washington and London to prove their allegations that Russia bought arms from Iran and North Korea
  • Nebenzia: confrontation between NATO and Russia increases the risk of direct conflict
  • Electricity cut off in 3 cities of Zaporozhye region due to shelling of Kiev residents
  • Putin restricts trading in shares of Russian companies by citizens of sanctioned countries
  • Lugansk.. Sentence to 7 years in prison for a Ukrainian soldier
  • Latvia again resumed purchases of Russian gas
  • Moscow: We will accept an adequate response to the restriction of Russia’s entry by the Baltic countries
  • Zakharov to the European Union: African countries are waiting for grain
  • US hopes China and India will support Russia’s plan to cap oil prices
  • Pentagon: Kyiv forces lost tens of thousands of personnel killed or wounded
  • European source: EU countries disagree on setting a price ceiling for Russian gas
  • Moscow counts on the objectivity of the nuclear industry in assessing the situation at the Zaporozhye NPP
  • Zakharova: Transfer of control of the Zaporozhye railway station to Kyiv will lead to a global catastrophe
  • The Pentagon announced a new package of military aid to Kyiv
  • European Commission: Russians should not have easy access to the EU
  • Lavrov: Justification of Nazi crimes has become the norm in Europe
  • The Russian army saved the life of an Italian journalist who worked for the Ukrainian side
  • Norway to supply Hellfire missiles to Ukraine
  • Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland ban entry to Russians from September 19
  • German minister talks about situation a week after Russian gas shutdown
  • Ukrainian security forces try to blow up the Energodar administration building with a suicide march (video)

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