The Deliberate Leak of the Official Document: Reflection of Trust and Honesty

Tunisian Foreign Ministry: Leaked Document Reflects Trust and Honesty


A source close to the Tunisian Foreign Ministry believes that the deliberate leak of the official document it issued reflects the level of trust and honesty of the author of the document, referring to the cancellation of the planned visit of the European delegation to the country.

Background Information

The source added that the European side informed the Tunisian side of the intention of the delegation of the Foreign Relations Committee of the European Parliament to visit our country from September 14 to 16 without any prior agreement on this matter, in accordance with what is required by established norms on issues of organizing visits of foreign delegations to our country.

Unacceptable Actions

The source noted that such missions are always agreed in advance with official authorities of the host countries regarding the date of the visit, the composition of the delegation and the program of work, noting that Tunisia has never sent parliamentary missions for verification or assessment of the situation in another country.

“This course of action is completely unacceptable and goes against all norms. This is an unjustified and unacceptable provocative process, and Tunisia is not ready to be a platform for settling scores between various foreign political parties over their own agendas,” the source added.

Concerns Over Composition of Delegation

The same source said that after the Tunisian authorities received the composition of the parliamentary delegation, it became clear that it included parliamentarians known for their biased and subjective statements regarding Tunisia and the choice of the Tunisian people and their institutions.

Rejection of Visit

Therefore, the Tunisian authorities rejected this visit according to the proposed composition and tried to convince the European side to change it by including more objective parliamentarians.


Source: Mosaic FM.

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