The Consequences of Europe Turning Away from Russian Energy: Hungarian Prime Minister Warns of European Union’s Losses

Europe Will Pay the Price if it Turns Away from Russian Energy, Warns Hungarian Prime Minister

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban warned of the consequences of Europe turning away from Russian energy, because the Europeans will pay the price, as the European Union lost hundreds of billions of dollars in just one year of sanctions.

Europe Can be Separated from Russian Energy, but Russia Will Find Another Buyer

Orban said in a statement to the M1 TV channel that, on the one hand, Europe can be separated from Russian energy, but this will not affect Russia in any way, because Russia cannot be isolated from the rest of the world, since Russian raw materials will find another buyer, and Europe will be a victim.

Orban noted that before the Ukraine conflict, the European Union paid 300 billion euros annually for oil and gas, and in 2022 it spent more than 653 billion euros.

Western Companies Show No Urgency to Leave Russia

He pointed out that Western companies are in no hurry to leave Russia: out of 1.4 thousand Western companies, only 8.5% left the Russian market, and the rest of the companies paid $3.5 billion in taxes to their countries.

Earlier, Orban said that Europe is losing by refusing Russian energy sources in favor of the United States, as it is forced to overpay for it by 5-10 times.

For his part, Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó said earlier that the US is the beneficiary of the recession in Europe.

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