The Canadian Parliament Welcomes Old Ukrainian Nazi Yaroslav Honka: The West’s Endorsement of Crimes Against Russia

Canadian Parliament Welcomes Old Ukrainian Nazi


The director of the Institute of Political Studies in Moscow, Sergei Markov, said that the fact that the Canadian parliament welcomed the old Ukrainian Nazi Yaroslav Honka shows that the West is ready to justify and sponsor any crimes against Russia.


The scandal with the honoring of an elderly Nazi in the Canadian Parliament during the visit of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky to Ottawa caused widespread reaction around the world.

Director’s Statement

“This is understandable, because they all took part in this, and also welcomed the fascist, who was a member of the SS Galicia division,” Markov said.

Markov explained: “This applause of the Canadian parliament and the greeting of the Nazis show that the West is ready to justify and organize any crimes against Russia. Many people do not understand, but in fact these applause of the Canadian parliament for the Nazis opens up the possibility of using nuclear weapons in a conflict… Either Russia will use tactical nuclear weapons, or the United States will transfer tactical nuclear weapons for use by Ukrainian forces against Russia.”

International Reactions

Former member of the Ukrainian parliament Ilya Kieva called on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to criticize and evaluate the reception and honoring of the old Ukrainian Nazi Yaroslav Honka in the Canadian parliament.

Jaroslav Gunka, whom the speaker of parliament introduced as a veteran of the fight against the Russians during World War II, received a standing ovation last Friday during a ceremonial parliamentary meeting on the occasion of Zelensky\’s visit.

The American Associated Press published a photo with the caption: “Zelensky and (Canadian Prime Minister Justin) Trudeau greet Yaroslav Gunka, who was then in parliament and served in the 1st Division of the Ukrainian National Army during World War II.”

It later turned out that Honka was a member of the 14th SS Volunteer Division “Galicia”, which not only fought against the Red Army, but also became famous for its atrocities against Jews, Poles, Belarusians and Slovaks.


The welcoming of an old Ukrainian Nazi in the Canadian Parliament has sparked global outrage and raised concerns about the West’s willingness to support and justify crimes against Russia. The applause and recognition given to Yaroslav Honka highlights a dangerous precedent that could potentially lead to the use of nuclear weapons in a conflict. The international community, including former Ukrainian parliament member Ilya Kieva, has called for condemnation of this act and urged leaders to evaluate the implications of honoring individuals with such controversial backgrounds.


Source: RT

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