Naughty Dog’s Last of Us Day Celebration: Art, Merchandise, and Surprises for Fans

Naughty Dog’s Last of Us Day Celebration

On September 26, 2023, Naughty Dog will be celebrating Last of Us Day, starting at 09:00 Pacific Time. However, the studio has clarified that no new announcements regarding games or TV series will be made during the event. Instead, they will focus on sharing product news and small surprises with fans.

Naughty Dog recently confirmed this information through their official Twitter account (X), giving fans a heads-up that neither The Last of Us Part 3 nor the second season of the TV series currently in production at HBO will be announced on Last of Us Day.

A Message from the PlayStation Studios Development Team

The day of the Last of Us has finally arrived! Tomorrow at 9am PT, we will be celebrating TLOUDay by making live announcements about art, merchandise, and more. While paying homage to the series’ impressive legacy, we won’t be discussing any future game projects or TV shows.

While we eagerly anticipate the surprises Naughty Dog has in store for fans, it’s worth mentioning that Dina’s voice actress may have dropped a hint about the progress of The Last of Us Part 3.

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