The camera was a witness.. Macron gives Biden disturbing news about the supply of oil from the Emirates and Saudi Arabia

French President Emmanuel Macron told his American counterpart Joe Biden during the G7 summit that the UAE and Saudi Arabia are unlikely to be able to help the West increase oil production.

Macron joined US President Joe Biden on their trip on the sidelines of the German-led G7 summit June 26-28 in Bavaria to tell him:

Macron: Wait, Joe! Sorry… this is your advisor, isn’t it? (referring to Jake Sullivan, US National Security Adviser)

Biden: Yes

Macron: I want to talk about my request to increase oil production. He just spoke to the president of the United Arab Emirates, and he told me two things: first, we are now at the limit of our maximum oil production capacity, and secondly, the Saudis can possibly increase oil production by 150,000 barrels per day and maybe a little more … and finally – what should we do with Russian oil and gas?

Writing for the National Interest, Evan Eiland, a senior fellow at The Independent, said the US was willing to bow down to Saudi Arabia for the sake of lowering oil prices, but for Biden, that meant nothing more than senseless humiliation.


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