The belt of the most famous fight of the late boxing legend Muhammad Ali is sold for a huge amount (photo)

Muhammad Ali’s championship belt from the 1974 heavyweight title fight “Rumble in the Jungle” in which he defeated George Foreman was auctioned off for a hefty sum on Sunday.

International media and news agencies reported that the belt was sold for $6.18 million.

According to Heritage Auctions in Dallas, Jim Irsai, owner of the Indianapolis Colts, won the hot belt auction.

In a Sunday tweet, Irsey confirmed that he received the belt for his collection of memorabilia from rock, American history and pop culture, which is currently touring the country.

The belt will be shown August 2 at the Marine Tourist Pier District in Chicago and September 9 at Indianapolis.

“Proud to be the winner,” Ersai tweeted.

Source: agencies

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