"telegraph"Johnson asks Mordaunt to drop out of race for UK prime minister

British House of Commons Speaker Penny Mordaunt has rejected attempts by former Prime Minister Boris Johnson to force her to withdraw from the Conservative leadership race, reports The Telegraph.

The newspaper quoted her as saying that Johnson called her and asked her to withdraw from the Conservative leadership race and support his candidacy instead.

According to the newspaper, Johnson called Mordaunt on Sunday afternoon, and after Mordaunt rejected his demands, Johnson faced the problem of forming a coalition in support of his candidacy for prime minister by Monday afternoon.

Prior to Terrace’s election, Mordaunt also ran for prime minister, but received only 105 votes. Following the resignation of Liz Benny Mordaunt announced her intention to run for leader of the Conservative Party and prime minister.

According to Sky News, Johnson decided to enter the race for the post of prime minister, and for this reason he returned to Britain from a trip to the Dominican Republic in economy class seats with his family. According to the channel, Johnson has the support of more than 100 MPs.

Source: RT

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