Syria’s Reinstatement to the Arab League Receives Praise from Iran

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani hailed Syria’s success in regaining its place in the Arab League and congratulated the government and people of Syria on this success.

Kanani pointed out that “the resolution of differences between Islamic countries and the rapprochement and interaction between them has positive results in terms of stability and the establishment of a comprehensive peace, and also provides a basis for reducing foreign intervention aimed at generating profits in regional issues, stressing that Iran welcomes this “. an approach.”

The Council of the Arab League yesterday, Sunday, held an extraordinary meeting at the level of foreign ministers in Cairo, during which it was agreed that Syria would return to the League after an absence or ban of about 12 years, and that a draft resolution to be formalized later, provided for the resumption of the participation of the Syrian delegations in the meetings of the League from today, May 7th.

Last week, the foreign ministers of Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Egypt and Syria held a consultative meeting to discuss ways to return Syrian refugees from neighboring countries, expand Syrian control over all lands, and address the issue of drug smuggling.

Source: “Irna”

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