Stoltenberg: we promise more "NATO" in the Baltic

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said the alliance will protect the Baltic states from external threats, and his summit in Madrid will see further strengthening of collective security through “important and broad decisions.”

This is stated in an interview with the Financial Times today, Monday, where the NATO Secretary General continued: “We never share the details of operational plans, but I can assure you that we have been able to protect the countries bordering Russia for decades by adjusting our presence in the region will be carried out taking into account the assessment of the existing threat. We’ve done it before and we’ll do it again.”

According to Stoltenberg, NATO will “drastically” improve the alliance’s defenses in the east and shift its focus from deterring any invasion to fully protecting allied territories as the alliance defines a new strategic concept in the Spanish capital. goals and approaches for the next decade, and to agree on an overly broad plan to defend the eastern allies in response to the “Russian threat,” he said.

The NATO Secretary General also discussed the increase in alliance forces in the Baltic countries with their leaders and commented by saying: “These countries have been under Soviet rule for decades, and they have a history in which they have learned hard to understand what it means to be occupied and captured” adding, “I understand. That the Prime Minister of Estonia wants more of her (NATO) presence, and I can promise her that.”

NATO will hold a meeting at the level of heads of state and government from June 28 to 30 in the Spanish capital, where participants will discuss the new strategic concept of the alliance, consider the mechanisms for strengthening the alliance and the security implications of global climate change.

Source: TASS

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