Starlink secures Pentagon contract to offer satellite communications to Ukraine

The Pentagon has announced that Starlink, a SpaceX subsidiary that provides satellite communications services, now has a contract with the Department of Defense to sell its satellite services to help Ukraine.

“We continue to work with a wide range of global partners to provide Ukraine with effective satellite and communications capabilities,” the statement said. “Satellite communications are a vital part of the entire Ukrainian communications network, and the agency is contracting Starlink to provide this kind of service.”

He added: “Through private donations and under a separate contract with the U.S. foreign aid agency, SpaceX is providing Ukraine and its military with the Starlink internet service, a growing network that includes more than 4,000 satellites in Earth orbit.”

The Pentagon contract was a boon for SpaceX, especially after Elon Musk, the company’s CEO, said in October that the company could not afford to provide Starlink services to Ukraine indefinitely, adding that the cost per month was estimated at $20 million.

reported “bloombergThe Pentagon did not disclose the terms of the contract “for reasons of operational security and the classified nature of these systems.”

Source: agencies

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