Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake Faces Setbacks: Disappearing Tweets, Hidden Trailer, and Development Problems

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake Faces Setbacks

Disappearing Tweets and Hidden Trailer

According to Kotaku, some observant users have noticed that old tweets referring to Star Wars KOTOR have been deleted from the PlayStation X profile. Out of all the tweets, only one remains, mentioning the game along with other titles featured during the event. The rest have disappeared completely and can only be found through cached copies of the site. The troubling matters don’t stop there; the official trailer for the remake has been concealed and removed from PlayStation channels.

Persistent Development Problems

Rumors of development issues have circulated for months, and this ongoing cancellation seems to align with concerns raised by skeptics who doubted the game’s release in the first place. While it is possible that PlayStation’s social media manager may have made an error, the fact that only one game has been affected supports the theory of a more deliberate cancellation.

Awaiting PlayStation’s Official Response

As of now, PlayStation has yet to provide any official comments on the matter. Over the next few months, we will discover whether the Star Wars KOTOR remake will still see the light of day or become overshadowed and forgotten, driven by Sony’s apparent disregard.

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