Egyptian Government Denies New Plastic 50-Pound Coin Design: Central Bank Clarifies

Egyptian Government Denies New 50-Pound Coin Design


The Egyptian government has responded with an urgent statement to some websites and social media pages circulating photos of the design of the new plastic 50-pound coin.

The Central Bank Denies the News

The Cabinet Media Center contacted the Central Bank of Egypt, which denied the news, stressing that the design of the new 50-pound plastic currency in circulation is not true, stressing that all designs in circulation are fabricated and not issued by the Central Bank.

Official Announcement Required

The bank explained that any proposal for new plastic currencies would be officially announced by the Central Bank, noting that the plastic currencies, made from polymer, which were printed and released to the market were in denominations of only 10 and 20 pounds, without issuing or printing any plastic currencies from other categories. The bank still urges citizens not to follow the lead of this fake news and to only receive information from its official sources.


Source: RT

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