Sports TV presenter explains why Arab athletes resort to illegal immigration

Diwan FM sports host Elias Bensalah spoke about the reasons that prompted some Arab athletes to illegally migrate to other countries.

Bensalah confirmed during a meeting with journalist Ahmed ElGamal on Nas Online that Tunisian Sfaxien goalkeeper Ali Chalabi is not the only player who came illegally from Tunisia to Italy, “there are many football players or handball players.” who has done it before.” He pointed out that the wave of illegal immigration is moving at a very fast pace.

The presenter on radio “Divan FM” added that the reason for the flight of Ali and other players is “the difficult situation that Tunisian sports are in, especially with the high cost of living, since a player in Tunisia considers sports to be his job.” and a source of livelihood, but their income from sports is not enough for their basic needs.”

The player’s father also spoke out and said that his son “was subjected to injustice at the Sfaxien club and in the Tunisian national team, and this is strange, because the player’s age does not exceed 18 years.”

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