Damascus hopes to use North Korea’s experience to rebuild companies hit by the crisis.

A joint committee from Syria and North Korea discussed the possibility of using Korean experience in the rehabilitation of Syrian companies affected by the ongoing crisis in the country since 2011.

“The Syrian-Korean Joint Technical Committee for Joint Industrial Cooperation discussed at a meeting held today in the building of the Ministry of Industry the possibility of using the technical experience of the Democratic Republic of Korea in rebuilding the production lines and machines of the General Organization. for engineering companies affected by the terrorist war and the systematic destruction of the sector,” reports the SANA news agency.

The meeting, chaired by Syrian Minister of Industry Ziyad Sabbah and Chargé d’Affaires of the North Korean Embassy in Damascus, Kim Hae-ryong, reviewed “the current state of the companies of the General Organization of the Engineering Industry proposed for investment.”

The agency added that the parties agreed to “draw up a roadmap for joint cooperation between the two countries and review on the ground the technical and legal status of the companies in order to study their needs for machines, equipment and production lines for their productive restart.”

Source: “SANA”

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