South Korea hopes to develop relations with Russia

South Korean Foreign Minister Pak Chen expressed hope for the resumption of real cooperation and the normalization and development of relations with Russia, but only after the end of the crisis in Ukraine.

“Relations between South Korea and Russia have a long history, and if you look at them, they are complementary in nature, and the two countries have the potential for economic cooperation. There are many foreign Koreans living in Russia, and many Koreans of the company,” he said at a press conference.

However, the minister noted that despite this desire, and due to the Russian military operation in Ukraine, the development of relations between South Korea and Russia is currently limited, saying: “We have imposed sanctions and export restrictions on Russia. Therefore, relations between the two countries are now in an uncomfortable situation.Russia has recognized its role in South Korea as an unfriendly country..We hope that the Ukrainian crisis will be resolved in the near future, peace will be restored, relations between South Korea and Russia will return to their previous course. were, and the strengthening of relations between the two countries will begin.

In March last year, Russia included South Korea in the list of unfriendly countries in response to the imposition of anti-Russian sanctions and measures by Seoul.

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