South African Journalist’s Nightmare: Stranded on a Plane in Warsaw

Peter de Tua, a South African journalist, compared the stoppage of his plane in Warsaw to hellfire and tweeted that he felt utter despair during it.

“We felt completely desperate because we were stuck on a plane at Warsaw airport. What a crazy day, finally we got out of hell and arrived in the Old Quarter of Warsaw for a breather. Tomorrow we will be in St. Petersburg,” the journalist said.

The SABC TV channel reports that the “ordeals” of journalists in Warsaw continued for more than a day.

The mentioned incident took place last Thursday in Warsaw: the bodyguards of the President of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa, who was heading for negotiations in Kyiv, as well as a group of journalists, stayed at the airport for a day. He accused the head of the security apparatus, who accompanied the President of South Africa, the Polish side in an attempt to disrupt the peacekeeping mission.

For its part, the Polish border guard said the South African leader’s guards voluntarily remained on the plane in Warsaw because they did not have a permit to carry weapons in Poland. However, the Polish authorities, in their statement, did not address the issue of journalists who complained that the Polish side did not allow them to get off the plane at the Warsaw airport.

It is noteworthy that the South African leader has already arrived in Ukraine as part of an African peacekeeping mission. As for the journalists, instead of covering the flight, they spent the night on the plane without having time to shower or brush their teeth, while the SAA crew bought them food.

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