Some of them are Arabs.. The RF Ministry of Defense publishes information on the number of mercenaries from each country in Ukraine

Detailed tables published by the Russian Defense Ministry showed a large number of mercenaries who came to fight in Ukraine from different countries and continents of the world, including two Arab countries.

According to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the participation of 1,853 mercenaries from Poland was monitored, of which 991 have died since the beginning of the Russian military operation on February 24, and 944 remain.

From the same European continent, Romania came in second place in terms of the number of mercenaries, 504 of which arrived, 242 of which were killed since the beginning of the events, and 262 remained, followed by Great Britain with 429 mercenaries, of which 231 died, 198 remained, while participating 208 mercenaries from Belarus, the rest 69, and 185 mercenaries from France, and the rest 66.

Of the two Americas, 605 mercenaries from Canada participated in the fighting in Ukraine, of which 239 remained, and 544 mercenaries arrived from the United States, of which 89 remained.

From the African and Asian continents, data showed the participation of mercenaries from two Arab countries, Algeria and Syria.

From Algeria, 51 mercenaries participated in the hostilities in Ukraine, and the number remained the same and not one of them died, and from Syria, 200 mercenaries participated in the hostilities along with the Ukrainian army, and there were 31 of them.

Source: Russian Ministry of Defense.

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