The price of the euro is lower than the dollar on the Moscow Exchange

The exchange rate of the European currency against its Russian counterpart on the Moscow Exchange fell today, Tuesday, to a level below the dollar against the Russian ruble.

By 13:00 Moscow time, the euro exchange rate fell by 2.52 rubles (ruble = 100 kopecks) to 58.74 rubles, and the dollar exchange rate – by 43 kopecks to 58.84 rubles.

Thus, the European currency fixed the exchange rate against the Russian ruble lower than against the dollar (euro = 58.74 rubles – dollar = 58.84 rubles).

On world markets, the European currency fell today to the level of an exchange rate equivalent to the dollar, in light of the depreciation of the euro.

The European currency is under pressure due to fears of an economic recession in the eurozone, amid the ongoing energy crisis and expectations of a rate hike by the European Central Bank (ECB) at its next meeting in July 2022.

Source: RT

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