Syrian Firas Al-Khatib the coach of the Zakho club loses his temper

The match between the Zakho club and its hosts Al-Qasim (1-2) in the Iraqi Football League saw the anger of the former Syrian national team star Firas Al-Khatib, the coach of the Zakho club in Kurdistan in northern Iraq.

A video clip circulated on social media showing Firas Al-Khatib kicking the ball on the touchline, expressing his dissatisfaction with the match and its outcome, especially after the penalty kick against Zakho was calculated.

Al-Khatib revealed that he played with a full line-up ahead of Al-Qasim for fear of injury to his team’s stars ahead of his match in the Cup semi-final, saying: substitutes, and we did not risk entering the main players in such an atmosphere among high temperatures, and in the stadium with artificial grass, and such stadiums, causing injury to the players.

He continued: “I am surprised by the decision of the referee to award a penalty to my team. Until now, I have not found an explanation for the decision of the judge, which offended us.”

The former Syrian national team star noted that: “Currently, the focus is on how to prepare the players for the cup semi-final match, as well as continue physical and technical training in order to win the title for the club and its fans.”

Al-Khatib summed up: “For the time being, I consider my experience with Zakho successful and the question of my succession with the team or my departure is premature and my fate will be decided after the end of the season.”

Zakho SC is tenth in the standings with 45 points after the thirty-sixth round, while Al-Shorta SC won the title with 89 points, 21 points ahead of their runner-up, Al-Quwa Al-Jawa, and then Al- Talaba with 67 points.

Source: agencies

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