Street war more than 30 fans arrested for mass brawl in Kazakhstan

The police of Kazakhstan detained more than 30 football fans yesterday, Sunday, before the match between the Atyrau team and its guest Aktobe, as part of the 14th round of the local league.

The league’s press service published a video of the clashes between the fans on its Telegram channel, noting that they used firecrackers and smoke bombs before the police arrived at the scene to prevent a conflict.

The press service said that no one was injured in the clashes.

It is noteworthy that the match ended with the victory of the Aktobe team over the hosts Atyrau with two unanswered goals at the Munaishy stadium in the Kazakh city of Atyrau.

The Aktobe team raised its score to 20 points, moving up to sixth place in the league standings, outperforming, in particular, it’s rival from Atyrau, which dropped to seventh place by one point.

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