Saudi Arabia: We aim to produce half a million tons of marine aquaculture within 8 years

The Ministry of Environment, Water Resources and Agriculture of Saudi Arabia announced that the kingdom intends to produce more than half a million tons of marine aquaculture over the next 8 years as part of the program for the development of the livestock and fisheries sector.

During his participation in the second session of the International Conference of the Blue Belt Initiative, which was held in Agadir, Morocco, Deputy Minister of Environment, Water Resources and Agriculture of Saudi Arabia Mansour bin Hilal Al-Mushaity reviewed the local and international efforts of Saudi Arabia. in the conservation of natural resources, as well as the progress made in improving the efficiency and development of the fisheries sector, as well as in increasing its productivity, to become a source of food security and economic development, within the goals of the Saudi Vision 2030.

Al-Mashaiti praised the role of Saudi Arabia in applying the concept of comprehensive sustainability, which is one of the most important areas of the Blue Belt Initiative, although it does not lose sight of the high seas or oceans, but believes in the application of best practices, and the continuous improvement and development of resilience resources, environment and food.

He underlined that Saudi Arabia is working in accordance with an ambitious national strategy to achieve the optimal use of natural resources in the sea and inland waters through reasonable and sustainable methodologies and methods in order to provide food, improve living conditions and contribute to the increase in gross domestic product. since the Ministry launched the National Livestock and Fisheries Sector Development Program to act as a strategic partner between the government and the private sector, and promote infrastructure development, fish stock management, sustainable fisheries initiative, support small fishermen and improve their productivity.

He explained that Saudi Arabia intends to produce more than half a million tons of marine aquaculture through this program over the next 8 years, pointing out that among the initiatives that have been launched to develop this vital sector, there are research and development programs in order to develop and increase effectiveness of local fish, in addition to campaigns marketing campaigns to raise awareness and consumption of local seafood, support infrastructure, build capacity and support research to improve the efficiency of seaweed and seaweed production methods to produce high quality protein for animal and fish feed.

To support these efforts, Saudi Arabia will host the International Algae and Marine Algae Conference on February 12, the first dedicated conference in the Middle East, which will bring together many relevant ministers and elite academic experts. roadmap for launching megaprojects.

Source: “Okaz”

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