Many Italian demonstrations end in clashes with police

Activists of anarchist organizations organized a protest against the arrest of their colleague Alfredo Cospito in a maximum security prison, where he is serving a 30-year sentence, for organizing a series of extremist actions.

According to the news channel RaiNews24, chaotic demonstrations in Milan and Rome ended in clashes with the police.

About 200 people organized a rally in support of Cospito on Saturday evening in front of the Opera prison. A group of demonstrators approached the guarded area of ​​the prison and started throwing stones and smoke bombs at it. Law enforcement officers tried to counter the demonstrators.

Later, the demonstrators staged an unsanctioned protest in the Italian capital, and, according to police, about 800 people took part in this demonstration, who were very aggressive.

They started throwing smoke bombs and also tried to set up barricades to block one of the entrances to a major highway within the city, as a result of which demonstrators clashed with law enforcement officers, as a result of which two demonstrators were injured and three vandals were injured. arrested.

A week earlier, a similar unsanctioned anarchist demonstration took place in the center of Rome, which also ended in clashes between demonstrators and law enforcement forces. After that, more than 40 people gathered at the Rome police station, according to the Novosti agency. were arrested during the riots.

In December, anarchist demonstrations in support of Cospito took place in Turin, Bologna and Rome, as well as in a number of major cities in Europe and Latin America.

His supporters are suspected of numerous acts of vandalism against Italian diplomatic institutions, in particular in Athens, Barcelona and Berlin.

In this regard, Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tagiani said that such criminal acts and manifestations of violence during demonstrations “will not intimidate the Italian state.”

In October, Cospetto went on a hunger strike to protest the conditions of detention, and since then his weight has decreased by 45 kilograms, the judicial authorities are studying the request of lawyers to ease the conditions of his detention, and a group of cultural figures launched a petition on Monday to the Minister of Justice of Italy with a request to save Last week, Cospito was transferred to the Opera prison in Milan for better treatment.

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