Saudi Arabia calls for Messi to be punished and stripped of title

Argentine player Lionel Messi has sparked outrage among Saudi fans after announcing his decision to join American club Inter Miami and turning down an “astronomical” offer from Saudi Arabia’s Al-Hilal.

Some Saudi activists on the social network “Twitter” called on the Saudi authorities to strip the Argentine star of the title of Saudi tourism ambassador and replace him with the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, the attacker of the Saudi Al-Nasr.

And this is after the Saudi Ministry of Tourism chose Messi as the Saudi Arabian Tourism Ambassador, Tourism Minister Ahmed Al-Khatib said after the Argentine’s visit with his family and friends to the Kingdom.

Social media activists spread the news about Messi’s rejection of a huge offer of 400 to 500 million euros from Al Hilal Saudi Arabia because his family will not be able to adapt to the Saudi atmosphere and Arab society.

Messi, who won the 2022 world title, told Sport and Mundo Deportivo newspapers: “I have made the decision that I will go to Inter Miami.

He continued, “I still don’t have it (the deal) 100% or something is missing, but okay… we decided to continue on there.”

While the Portuguese star commented on the Saudi Federation’s official contract with Karim Benzema during his presence in Madrid for a propaganda conference, saying: “I knew Benzema would come to Saudi Arabia and that’s why I said the Saudi League would be among the top 5 leagues in the future and more players will come.”

He added: “I knew that I would be the one to open the door to Saudi Arabia and the Saudi League would become one of the most important leagues in the world in two or three years. There is no doubt about that.”

Source: “Social networks”

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