Ryabkov: Washington is close to becoming a party to the conflict with Russia

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov stressed that the degree of US involvement in the situation around Ukraine continues to grow, including through the provision of military support, and this is a dangerous trend.

“Unfortunately, we are forced to state with concern that the degree of involvement of the American side in the situation around Ukraine, the degree of Washington’s involvement, including material and military support for the Kyiv regime, is increasing, and this trend is dangerous,” the message says. Ryabkov said.

He added: “We have repeatedly warned the United States about the consequences that could arise when the United States puts itself in a position close to what could be called a party to the conflict by such introduction of weapons and other forms of direct support for Kyiv. A fine line separating the United States from being a party to a conflict.”

“Russia is in a position to fully protect and guarantee its interests in the most reliable way, as soon as the goals of the Russian military operation in Ukraine are fully achieved,” he added.

“The consequences of what is happening will be deplorable,” Ryabkov stressed.

And he added: “We warn the United States against provocative steps, including from providing more and more destructive systems, as this is the path of no return. The consequences of what is happening will be serious, and the responsibility for this will fall entirely on the ruling circles of Washington.

Source: TASS

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