Russian Union of Grain Exporters: Consumers are harmed by Western restrictions on our country

The head of the Union of Russian Grain Exporters, Eduard Zernin, said that countries that need grain from Russia will suffer from Western restrictions on Russian exports.

Zernin said at a press conference on Thursday: “Any attempt to limit the supply of grain from Russia today affects consumers, and our buyers are countries that need food and cannot produce it themselves for natural reasons.”

He added that the withdrawal of foreign companies producing agricultural equipment and supplying corn and plant protection products would not harm Russia itself, but could limit its export opportunities, which will affect supplies to countries in need of Russian grain.

He pointed out that “the sanctions imposed on the supply of grain from Russia are hidden. Everyone speaks openly about the absence of any problems, but this is not true. They have not yet been resolved.”

He explained that there are problems with ships entering Russian ports due to the ban on this by the European Union and with paying for Russian exports due to the refusal of some European banks to conduct money transfers.

Chernin urged “not to politicize” the issue of grain supplies and “remain within the framework of the humanitarian mission of food producers and suppliers.”

Source: RIA Novosti

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