Russian Support Helps Clear Mines in Laos and Return Citizens: Laotian Vice President

Russian Support in Clearing Mines in Laos

Speaking at the Eastern Economic Forum in the Russian city of Vladivostok, Laotian Vice President Pani Yatoto said Russian support helped return citizens to their places after mine clearance.

The United States dropped 200 million bombs on Laos during the Vietnam War, killing 350,000 Laotian citizens.

Russia is helping Laos clear these mines for free, as Yatoto said the government, with Russian support, was able to bring back residents to the 20,000-hectare area after removing mines from it.

The Vice President of Laos continued: “We received Russian support in the demining process, because to this day we suffer from the consequences of unexploded mines and cluster munitions, which have a negative impact on the lives of our citizens. With the help and support of Russia.” “, we managed to clear an area of ​​20 thousand hectares of mines and return the population to these areas.”

Source: RT

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