Controversial Content Removed from Lies of P: Developers Take Action to Ensure Enjoyment without Offense

Controversial Content Removed from Lies of P

The developers of Lies of P have made the decision to remove a controversial message to ensure the game is enjoyed without offense. The letter in question had the potential to offend law enforcement.

Advertisement Featuring Controversial Acronym

A recent advertisement for Lies of P caused quite a stir when it depicted Pinocchio, the game’s main character, walking past a hanging corpse holding a sign that contained the acronym APAB. This acronym is a play on the well-known phrase ACAB, which stands for All Cops Are Bastards, often used by groups critical of law enforcement.

Change in Message

In a subsequent scene in the game, the sign has been altered. It now reads “Purge Puppets” with the same “P” from the previous acronym, and conveys a similar meaning but without any real-world reference. The decision to make this change was met with resistance from Ji-Won Choi, the director of “The Lie of Pi,” who wanted to avoid controversy.

Developer’s Explanation for Removal

The developers originally intended to include this message in the game but ultimately decided against it. Their reasoning was to ensure that everyone could enjoy the game without any judgment from any perspective. The developers wanted players to experience the game as intended, which led to the removal of potentially contentious elements.

It is unclear whether this removal only pertained to the cartels or related missions and dialogue. However, considering the current climate where minor missteps can have severe consequences in the media, the developers’ decision is understandable.

Just a reminder, Lies of P will be available for purchase starting September 19th.

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